$1,800,000 Settlement Image

$1,800,000 Settlement

Our client arrived at the emergency room at a New York hospital and was admitted with a gastro-intestinal bleed. Doctors believed this was the lone cause of the 44-year-old’s pain, and performed surgery to correct the GI bleed. The doctors and nurses attending to our client failed to diagnose the aortic dissection, resulting in his untimely death. While the hospital staff maintained our client did not have a significant enough level of pain to indicate there was a problem with his aorta, the medical malpractice team at the Finz firm was able to prove otherwise. As talks between the Finz attorneys and defense council grew more intense, both sides decided to engage a Manhattan mediation group to continue the negotiation process.  After a long and protracted negotiation session, a settlement was reached on behalf of our client’s family in the sum of $1.8 million.

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