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Walmart Discrimination Lawyer

As you may have seen in the news media, over one million female Walmart employees, and former employees of Walmart Stores Inc., sued Walmart in a class action lawsuit. They argued that Walmart's local managers exercised their discretion over salary and promotions, and in doing so discriminated against women through failing to promote them, or give proper advances or salary increases.

That said, as the case progressed through appeal after appeal regarding its procedural stances, it finally came before the Supreme Court of the United States. In the High Court's recent decision it held that, the lower court’s certification of the plaintiffs as a “class,” pursuant to federal rules was an erroneous decision. As a result, the class action lawsuit against Walmart was stopped in its tracks. Be that as it may regarding the class action form of the claims, it does not mean that women who work or had worked for Walmart that have been discriminated against are without legal redress.

What can Victims of Walmart Discrimination Do?

The Finz Firm is investigating claims of discrimination against Walmart to determine if individual lawsuits should be filed. Although the Supreme Court of the United States did reverse the lower court’s decision, regarding the “class,” potential for Walmart discrimination victims to obtain justice still exists; but, the time to act is now.

Legal Help for Victims of Walmart Discrimination

If you are a female that is or was an employee of Walmart and have been discriminated against through your salary, or promotion trajectory, contact a Walmart Discrimination Lawyer at the Finz firm now at (855) TOP-FIRM or complete the Free Walmart Discrimination Case Evaluation form to find out how the Finz Firm can help you.

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