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Summer Travel Caution with Botulism at a California Rest Stop

May 26, 2017 | Finz & Finz, P.C.

One person is dead and another is paralyzed after a rest stop in California served nacho cheese tainted with Botulism for nearly a week.  Botulism is a rare and deadly foodborne infection that was much more common when tin was used for canning goods in the United States.  Botulism has been mostly eradicated through better food sanitation practices, and is now better known for its cosmetic and medicinal purposes as Botox.

Five people were diagnosed with the infection before investigators were able to find the common link.  All the individuals had eaten nachos from the small gas station.  It is unknown just how many people were exposed.  Botulism can be difficult to diagnose, as it is seen so rarely that doctors have little to no experience with the symptoms.

Serving food means taking responsibility for the safety of that food.  Businesses that provide food must hold themselves to high standards regarding sanitation and food-handling.  This is true from the classiest restaurant to the smallest gas station.  If an establishment is going to offer things to eat, it needs to do everything it can to ensure those foods are not tainted.

Exposure to dangerous substances at businesses is not limited to foodborne illnesses.  Consumers are exposed to carbon monoxide at hotel pools, to noxious fumes at beauty parlors and salons, and to unsafe levels of chemical particulates when driving near factories.  Exposure to dangerous chemicals is much too common.

Foodborne illness is too common, affecting tens of millions of Americans each year.  Though fatalities associated with these types of infection are rare, significant sickness is extremely common.  If you or someone you love has become ill due to toxic exposure, it is important that you hold the negligence party accountable.  Please, retain a qualified attorney who can help you make your case. 

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