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New Years Eve Wrong Way Drivers: Public Be Aware

December 31, 2013 | Finz & Finz, P.C.

Crashes involving wrong-way drivers occur more often than not, and it has said that as many as three-quarters of these accidents involve people who have been drinking and driving.  This New Year's Eve, be aware of those under the influence of any type of alcohol or drug behind the wheel; a sure combination that is potentially deadlyfor all involved.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigated wrong way drivers, and its reports concluded that between 2004 and 2009 alcohol was involved in close to 60 percent of those wrong-way drivers.  Earlier this year we posted news about a wrong-way drivers that resulted in multiple fatalities including many members of one family.  The incidence of wrong-way driver accidents is not decreasing.

When you are on the road, what are some ways that you can prevent these instances from occurring? 

  • If you are the driver, it should just feel “odd” on the road; trusting your senses may alert you that you are not going the right way
  • Pay attention to stripes and signs on the road; bolder signs and postings that say “wrong way” should problem you to move toward safety.
  • Multiple "do not enter" signs are installed for aletring drivers; pay attention to those and do not take chances.

Some states have gone so far as to install detectors on parts of the roadway that deter cars who are driving the wrong direction.  While it may take many years for that system to be implemented nationwide, or in parts where wrong-way driver accidents most frequently occur, it is a step in the direction of safely  Other organizations are looking at installing alcohol consumption detectors in the vehicle that would prevent the vehicle from starting altogether if the driver has been drinking.

Wrong way driving is a serious situation.  If you have been injured, or know someone who was injured or killed as a result of a wrong-way driver, having the legal support of a firm and team of attorneys who is on your side to help you settle the case will be your first step toward a resolution quickly and effectively.


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