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Finz Firm Spotlight: Lisa Van Essendelft, Legal Nurse Consultant

August 01, 2016 | Finz & Finz, P.C.

Being involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit is never easy. There needs to be an understanding of not only the legal aspects of a case, but a deep knowledge of the medical issues as well. This is why the law firm of Finz & Finz is privileged to have legal nurse consultant Lisa Van Essendelft as an integral part of the medical malpractice team.

Lisa began her nursing career with a desire to help newborns in the intensive care unit. Over the next two decades she became a versatile nurse, able to assist doctors and patients in multiple units of a hospital. Once she was ready to return to the workforce after the birth of her daughter and son, Lisa looked towards new a direction to use her vast medical knowledge. In 2008, she joined the prestigious Finz firm as a legal nurse consultant. While some people would be intimidated by the idea of switching gears from the medical field to the legal field, Lisa was at ease. She knew her diverse background and all the clinical knowledge she had obtained as a nurse would now go to helping clients who were not treated with proper medical care. She obtained her elite certification as a legal nurse consultant.

Lisa’s strong feelings towards helping newborns has never wavered. Cases involving newborns, including birth injuries, are quite meaningful to her. Lisa’s strong background in that area and her compassion for the families involved are unparalleled. She was especially touched by the parents of a premature baby who suffered a debilitating condition with his intestines after doctors failed to diagnosis a serious disease. Lisa worked with the family to get the boy into a program that provided help to children in the same situation. This was aside from her work on the legal case, which helped secure a substantial multi-million dollar settlement for the boy’s financial future and health care management. The settlement was procured by Stuart L. Finz the firm’s CEO and senior trial attorney together with Jack Kanzler the firm’s senior medical malpractice trial attorney. The family of the boy, now 7-years-old, still keeps in touch with Lisa on a regular basis.

A strong connection with clients is very common for Lisa. Working with clients from when they first call the office with a case, she develops a special rapport as the case progresses. Clients feel comfortable speaking with Lisa and their minds are put at ease knowing they are discussing difficult medical problems with someone who has a strong medical background and passion to help victims of medical malpractice. Lisa is also able to assist the negligence attorneys at the Finz Firm with inquiries about medical issues involving accident injuries and defective drugs. According to Mr. Finz, “Lisa possesses the unique ability to quickly understand and analyze complex legal medical matters. She is a staunch advocate for the injured and an asset to our firm.”

While Lisa may not be walking the halls of a hospital as a nurse, she knows that as a legal nurse consultant her role as an advocate for patients is just as strong. She shares her knowledge and experience with other nurses as well, teaching classes on legal nurse consulting at Stony Brook University. If we are lucky, someone sitting in one of those classes will turn out to be the next Lisa Van Essendelft. 

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