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Importance of Age at Which Traumatic Brain Injury Occurs

May 18, 2017 | Finz & Finz, P.C.

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is always devastating for the individual who suffers the injury.  These injuries tend to affect a person’s moods, daily living skills, and ability to hold a job.  Relationships are drastically changed, as the person with the brain injury sometimes cannot manage the same responsibilities.

The age of the injured is particularly important in regards to TBI.  Children and young adults have brains which are still developing, and significant trauma can hinder the brain’s ability to develop new synaptic connections.  Damage to either lobe can limit the brain’s growth, and damage to certain regions can render the brain unable to properly manage hormone levels which are critical during puberty and after.

The older the individual, the more likely the brain was fully developed when the injury occurred.  In these situations, changes to mood and personality are not uncommon, and significant damage will often leave the person unable to perform tasks with the same degree of fine and gross motor skills.  For lucky younger patients, or younger patients with good physical therapy, the brain can sometimes find workarounds and still develop adequate motor skills.

Another important factor regarding the age at which the brain injury occurs is that certain states limit the ability of adults who suffer a TBI to access a full array of services.  In these states, if the injury occurred after the age of 18, the individual might qualify for Social Security Disability but still not qualify for state services.

Recovering from a TBI often requires physical therapy and occupational therapy.  These services can be extremely expensive.  If you or someone you loved suffered a brain injury, finances can suddenly become a major issue.  Please retain a qualified attorney who can help you determine whether whoever caused the accident should be worrying about those financial issues. 

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