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Airbag Explosion Shrapnel Poses Scarring Risk

August 17, 2018 | Finz & Finz, P.C.

Over the last decade, the news has been filled with reports of faulty airbags exploding.  Nearly every major car manufacturer has been implicated in the use of these dangerous devices, and manufacturers have been closed due to the massive liability incurred.  The force of the explosions was significant enough to cause death in many cases and serious injury in many others.  In some cases, these injuries were caused by shrapnel.

Shrapnel is the name for small pieces of metal, plastic, or other materials created when an explosion rips apart an object.  With bombs, the shrapnel is often the remnants of the bomb casing or whatever the bomb was housed in.  With an exploding air bag, the shrapnel is the remnants of the airbag, the airbag housing, and the dashboard or steering wheel that contained what should be a lifesaving device.

Lacerations are extremely common when shrapnel is created, as the irregularly shaped pieces often have sharp but uneven edges.  When an explosion occurs, shrapnel is dispersed at high rates of speed, carrying a high risk of injury.  These lacerations are often significant, and even if medical intervention takes place quickly and stitches or other emergency wound care is provided, major scarring often takes place.

Scarring is a permanent disfigurement, and can have long term negative effects on a person’s quality of life.  These effects can be emotional or physical.  A person forced to cope with changes in physical appearance might suffer depression or other emotional fallout.  The courts recognize the distress of a negatively impacted physical appearance.  In some cases, scarring can have an adverse effect on a person’s physical capabilities, as scar tissue can hinder movement.

If you or someone you love has suffered scarring due to a faulty airbag, please reach out to a qualified attorney.  The maker of the airbag and the vehicle that utilized the dangerous device should be held accountable for profiting off a faulty product.  An experienced lawyer can guide you through the process of holding them accountable.

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