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Each year millions of people are affected by serious infections and chronic, sometimes fatal, diseases. Two of today's leading causes of death in America are heart disease and cancer. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease was the cause of 654,092 deaths in 2004. Cancer was responsible for 550,270 deaths that same year. It is estimated that cancer is responsible for one in four deaths. Stroke, respiratory diseases, and blood diseases are also found to have high death rates each year in America.

While it may be that these conditions are associated with heredity or specific lifestyle choices, it is also known that exposure to certain variables, like a toxic environment or taking a prescription drug or food supplement that causes adverse side effects, can also play a major role. In other cases, negligence and misdiagnosis can play a role in certain conditions and diseases.

Contact the New York personal injury, medical malpractice, defective drug and product liability attorneys at Finz & Finz, P.C. today to learn more about the relationship between medical diseases and medical conditions and there cause or simply fill out the Free Case Evaluation form. If your medical disease or condition was caused by a defective drug; defective productmedical malpractice; or by the negligence of a person or corporation, you may be entitled to compensation.

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For years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has called attention to many drugs and toxins that have been proven to pose injury and health risks to the public. Diseases like mesothelioma, a certain type of cancer, have been linked to asbestos. Most recently, the FDA has announced warnings about certain drug prescriptions that have an increased cardiovascular injury risk. Though some instances may be rarer than others, certain diseases and medical conditions can be extremely painful and even deadly. To learn more, contact the Finz firm's New York attorneys.

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If you, a family member or a friend has suffered from an injury, illness, disease or medical condition as a result of taking a drug, food supplement or as a result of exposure to a toxin or due to negligence call the Finz firm toll free at  (855) TOP-FIRM to speak with experienced New York personal injury attorney now or fill out the Free Disease and Medical Condition Case Evaluation form.

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